Complete Arcade Cabinet Plans

...all you need to build your own retro arcade cabinet.

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Arcade Cabinet Plans

Build Your Own Genuine Arcade Cabinet with this Complete Set of Plans

  • Fully Dimensioned Drawings
  • Full-size Templates
  • Construction Notes
  • Interactive 3D Model
  • Printable PDF Files


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MINI Cabinet: The original American Ace was a mini arcade cabinet, only four feet tall. This is a great size for those with limited space.

FULL-SIZE Cabinet: For those of you who want a full size machine for your gameroom, I've also created a full-size version from my original design.

Everything You Need

Fully Dimensioned Drawings

When I set out to built the original American Ace, I looked at other arcade cabinet plans out there. What I found was that most of them left a lot of questions to be answered.

Every part, and every assembly location is fully dimensioned. You'll go from a stack of wood, to a finished cabinet without any headaches - first try.

Full-Size Templates

The side panels are the most distinctive feature of this arcade cabinet. Use the full-size side panel template to check your layout work, or simply use it as a pattern.

I'm also including a full-size control panel template to easily locate the holes for your joystick and buttons.

Face it, when you're just trying your best to keep PacMan alive, or avoid flaming barrels in Donkey Kong, the art on the side of your machine isn't going to mean as much as a good control panel!

Construction Notes

Maybe you're a seasoned woodworking pro, or maybe you've never picked up a tool in your life.

These construction notes from the shop will help you tackle some of the woodworking issues you might face.

Interactive 3D Viewer

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what's a 3D interactive model worth?

It's one thing to look at a flat 2D drawings. It's another to be able to hide panels, zoom into the cabinet and have a look all around. So, every set of plans is also going to include the 3D PDF model of the arcade cabinet!

Printable PDF Files

I hate drawings that are formated larger than my home printer. All the working drawings and construction notes are formatted for 8.5x11 sheet.

This means you can print out copies on your home printer without having to shrink the drawings to fit. Take them with you in the shop, or with you to the hardware store.


Height 49.5in 68.5in
Width 19.5in 24.5in
Depth 24in 32in
Montor Area 18Wx18.5H 23Wx22H